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Want to eat balanced and delicious, even when you're on the go? Value healthy ingredients and want to know what you eat, even when you have to go fast during your lunch break? Canteen food does not taste good because it's too greasy, too heavy or too monotonous? Want to lose weight or keep your weight? In all these cases, Meal Prep is just right for you. Because at Meal Prep you prepare your food and take it with you. That makes everyday life easy. We'll tell you how it's done.

You have the free choice: you can cook a double portion in the evening and have a ready lunch for the next day. Or, over the weekend, prepare the food for several days or even the whole week, freeze the individual portions and have the meals when you need them. Whichever variant you choose, it is important that you have the healthy ingredients in the house. Above all, make sure to buy food that can be processed or frozen well the day before: for example, fruits and vegetables, soups, pasta, rice and potato dishes as well as lentils or meatballs. Of course, you need a lot of lunchboxes or glasses in which you can safely transport the salad sauce, for example.


In the morning do you have to rush? Then prepare your breakfast the night before. Super healthy and that easily works with cereal. In the evening, soften the flakes and seeds with soy, coconut or almond milk and place them in the refrigerator. The next morning you only need to clean the fruit and stir - done. Whether classic with oatmeal, millet and berries or exotic with coconut and papaya - with these muesli you start healthy in the day.

As a salad fan, you have it easy at noon. You can just take leaf salads like corn salad , clean it the night before and pack it in a box or a glass. Put the salad dressing in another glass and drizzle over the salad before eating. So it stays nice and crispy. By the way, you can also prepare the salad dressing in stock.

You can also spice up your salad with different vegetables. For our colorful salad you also cut cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and hot peppers into small pieces and layer the vegetables together with a chopped hard-boiled egg, a few olives and cheese cubes in a glass or lunchbox. If you spice up your salad with avocado, you should definitely sprinkle it with lemon. Then the avocado does not turn.

Even salads with couscous, rice, potatoes, lentils or pasta can be well prepared and taken away. Complement it with vegetables of the season: beans or peas, broccoli, tomatoes or zucchini. Fit them with falafel balls or meatballs, which you can roast in the evening before. Another tip: Fresh herbs give every salad the last kick. Like the dill with our potato and cucumber salad.

For vegetable fans, filled flatbread is a great alternative to the doner kebab: You can easily transport the vegetables prepared in the evening in a lunch box. If you fill the flatbread with it at noon, it is fresh and appetizing. Pumpernickel bread with cream cheese can also be prepared and transported well.

If you want to eat something warm at lunchtime and have a microwave in the office, try the colorful vegetable soup with pesto . By the way, it can also be wonderfully frozen. In other words, just cook twice as much, freeze them in portions - and you've several lunches ready.



Even for small hunger attacks in between, there are healthy alternatives to chocolate bars and Co: apples, bananas and grapes can be transported well and serve as snack in your break. Almonds and nuts are practical, but high in calories. Try some vegetable sticks, for example carrots, celery sticks or kohlrabi slices. Everything tastes deliciously pure or with a quark dip with fresh herbs. The evening before you can clean the vegetables, mix the cottage cheese with the herbs and fill in a well-sealable glass. You have delicious and healthy snacks for the whole day.



Meal Prep makes it easy for you to eat well even in stressful everyday life. It saves a lot of time, because whether you cook one, two, three or five portions at the same time, it makes no difference. On the contrary,you only need to clean everything once after. But above all, you can eat healthily. You can process fresh foods and never need to resort to unhealthy fast food. That keeps you healthy and slim.

October 27, 2016
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