You have your birthday between the 24th of August and the 23rd of September and you are characterized by very specific athletic characteristics. Discover your sports talents  with Mrs.Sporty and a look at your fitness horoscope for the zodiac sign Virgo! !

As a Virgo, you are very structured, organized and meticulous. Discipline also distinguishes your zodiac sign: You want to do what you have planned to do - you are very meticulous and like to follow rules.

Realistic, self-controlled and purposeful, you go about your Training to reach your specific fitness goals..Once you've set yourself a fitness goal, you're following it systematically and consistently: That's why in sports you like an exact workout plan that you can use to orient yourself and that you can follow with precision.

Individually, your Mrs.Sporty trainers create your training plan - tailored to your current level of performance and your personal needs. You will receive a targeted training plan that is constantly adapted to your training success. By constantly adapting, you not only train your body, but your head also has to adapt to the changed training processes and procedures.

Fitness trends are less of an interest to you as a sign of the earth because you favor stability and safety. Functional training is not a new invention and more than a trend. Training with your own body weight is also called proper training: It is a holistic training method that uses multiple muscle groups rather than just individual muscles. In addition, regular functional training improves the supportive and stabilizing abilities of your musculature - providing better balance and better coordination.

All functional training exercises are already familiar to you from your everyday life: For example, to lift or crouch objects, you use squats. Squats are just a training example - the variety of different exercises provide long-term fun and variety in your fitness training.

Additional motivation is also provided by your Mrs.Sporty trainers: they support and correct you at every training session. With an eye for detail, you are also very self-critical to an exact attitude and execution of your fitness exercises.

As a conscientious virgin, you will make the best use of your strengths: Thanks to your planning affinity, you will be able to integrate continuous fitness training into your daily routine to stay fit and in shape.




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August 24, 2017
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