Ever since low-carb is on everyone's lips, the good old flour has a bad reputation: Especially white flour should be unhealthy, thick and even depressive. But what about the sweeping damnation of flour products? Is flour maybe healthy? And which varieties should you use?


Flour is made from grain, which is one of the oldest foods of humanity. It is filling and gives the body a lot of energy and important nutrients. The common varieties are wheat, rye and oats. Barley, millet, corn and rice grains are also used to make bread. In addition, there are pseudo-wheat varieties such as buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, seeds and legumes, which are also processed into flour.

The different cereals differ in their content of fat, protein and fiber. This can be recognized by the type number on the flour packaging: the higher this number is, the more substantial is the flour in terms of vitamins and minerals. An example: wheat flour 405 is extracted flour and especially suitable for pastry. Type 1050 contains much more important nutrients and is used for darker breads. Pure wholemeal flour does not have any type number.


In general, the darker the flour, the more whole grain is contained - and the more vitamins, minerals and fiber. In the white flour there is not much of these nutrients. The reason: The valuable nutrients are in the outer layers of the grain and the seedling. These are always processed with wholemeal flour, but with white flour, however, only the flour body - the seedling and the surface layers - are screened out. The flour body consists mainly of starch and makes up 83 percent of the grain.

Our conclusion: wholemeal flour is definitely healthier - due to its high content of vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber. That's why you should include as many as possible wholegrain products in your diet - whether in the form of bread, pasta or rice.


Whole wheat bread contains the healthy, long-chain carbohydrates. These are processed slowly in the stomach and do not cause the blood sugar levels to rise so much. In addition, there is a lot of fiber in whole-grain products - that is, unusable carbohydrates that swell in the stomach and last longer. In addition, they stimulate the intestinal musculature, prevent constipation and can even prevent colon cancer in the long term! When eating white bread, the blood sugar level skyrockets and falls off quickly - so the next food cravings will not be long in coming!


If you want to buy pure wholemeal bread, you have to look closely and ask if necessary: ​​Because a bread may be called wholemeal bread, if it consists only to 90 percent of whole wheat flour. Note: Not every dark bread is whole grain bread. Often, flour is colored with malt syrup to make it look pretty dark. Whenever the bread has an orange-brown or red-brown color, caution is advised.

You can find pure wholemeal bread in organic bakeries, for example - or you simply bake your own bread. For wholemeal starters, bread made from spelled flour, which has been made into sourdough, is easy to digest and also tastes very good. Important: The dough should be allowed to go for a long time before processing. Whole wheat dough processed too quickly, the grain can not swell enough. This can cause unpleasant flatulence and abdominal pain. In addition, you will see, after just a few weeks, the digestion of whole wheat bread has become accustomed!


Light flour cereal products contain two-thirds less nutrients than whole-grain bread. They provide you with fast energy, but that does not last long. In addition, they are suspected of causing diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and depression. Therefore, it is generally better if you eat mostly full nutrition.

It is a matter of taste whether you predominantly use wheat (Mrs.Sporty recipe suggestion: goat cheese tarte), spelled or rye. Rye contains the most fiber and B vitamins among cereals. But try unusual cereals and combinations - for example with kamut, millet or quinoa. Stay relaxed: From time to time you may treat yourself to a white bread (Mrs.Sporty recipe suggestion: ciabatta walnut bread), light noodles or cakes - it should stay exceptions.

June 09, 2016
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